Posted September 22, 2020

Education during the pandemic and children with Special Needs

Janie Neeley is a dedicated mom, educator and advocate for children with special needs. During this InPowerment Session, she shares her experiences as she navigates through the challenges of education for a child with special needs during the pandemic. Read More
Posted September 16, 2020

550+ SC Parents speak out on need for SAFE grants

This article was first published on Public policy work can never be ho-hum, when you realize that it’s all about making people’s lives better! That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to sharing the stories of real people and promoting policy solutions that provide real relief for our South Carolina neighbors. Amid the Coronavirus fallout, there is no better example of impactful, common sense policy than SAFE… Read More
Posted September 15, 2020

#MySAFEGrantStory: The Green Family

Posted September 14, 2020


Over 550 families from communities across South Carolina have shared what a SAFE Grant would mean for their students. These are their stories. Read More
Posted September 10, 2020

Hundreds of Families Share Need for SAFE Grants Program Ahead of South Carolina Supreme Court Arguments

Today, My SC Education released a new video and interactive map documenting the stories of over 550 South Carolina families hoping to benefit from a Safe Access to Flexible Education (SAFE) Grant. These stories were gathered through a request sent to the over 15,000 parents who have expressed interest in the program… Read More
Posted August 25, 2020

Mental Health and Our Children

Posted August 20, 2020

South Carolina Supreme Court Set to Hear McMaster SAFE Grants Case

The South Carolina Supreme Court has agreed to take up the case of Adams, et al. v. McMaster, et al. in its original jurisdiction. Oral arguments on the SAFE Grants program have been set for September 18, 2020. Commenting on the Court’s decision, Ellen Weaver, the President and CEO of… Read More
Posted August 12, 2020

Traveling with SAFE Grants: How far could you go?

This article was first published on The reaction to Governor McMaster’s allocation of $32 million for SAFE Grants for low and moderate-income children to attend the private school of their choice has been met with shrieks from the public education lobby. As they tell it, the sky is… Read More
Posted August 7, 2020

Op-Ed: The Cares Act Creates an Opportunity For School Choice.. but South Carolina’s Public-Education Lobby Is Attempting to Block Need-Based scholarships

This article was first published on This op-ed originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Elizabeth Reilly was preparing for a hard conversation with her children. She couldn’t afford to keep them in the private school they had always attended. The Reillys had worked hard and relied on… Read More
Posted August 5, 2020

Parent Update #1

You may have heard in recent news reports that Governor McMaster’s team has been in court, fighting for you and your family. Opponents of Governor McMaster’s SAFE Grant program are attempting to run out the clock on the urgent education relief these grants would provide to thousands of South… Read More