Posted April 9, 2021

Enrollment Decreases, Revenue Increases In Traditional School Districts

This article was first published on This year, a bill to create Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) has been introduced by Speaker Jay Lucas and over 60 of his colleagues in the South Carolina House. ESAs allow state education funds to follow students of families who make up to 200% of… Read More
Posted March 29, 2021

Report: Pandemic shows Parents’ shift from South Carolina Public Schools

This article was first published on Center Square’s Ted O’Neil writes on PPI’s recent report regarding school choice during the pandemic. (The Center Square) – Homeschooling, public charter schools and private schools in South Carolina have seen an influx of students this academic year as families deal with… Read More
Posted March 26, 2021

Pandemic Parenting: SC Charter, Independent, Home School Options Surge; Public Numbers Down Dramatically

This article was first published on Over the last year, South Carolina’s traditional public school districts have lost nearly 30,000 students according to the most recent student counts released by the SC Department of Education. Where are those students going? Palmetto Promise collected and analyzed enrollment data across all… Read More
Posted March 25, 2021

South Carolina Students Need Opportunity Now

This program could improve the lives of thousands of South Carolina children, but it won’t become a reality without your support. Read More
Posted March 17, 2021

Commentary: In God We Trust, All Others Bring Evidence

This article was first published on Proposals in the South Carolina Legislature to give families more opportunities to choose schools and educational settings for their children have come under fire, including in a recent newspaper column by College of Charleston professor Kendall Deas. Deas defends a public education system that… Read More
Posted March 10, 2021

This important conversation highlights effective education options for special needs students in South Carolina. We also discuss the challenges parents experience when trying to find appropriate education options and resources for their children who learn differently. Read More
Posted March 5, 2021

SC Families Speak Out on Need for Education Choice

Every student in South Carolina, no matter their zip code, deserves the opportunity of a high-quality education that helps them reach their full potential. Find education options available near you:… Read More
Posted February 26, 2021

Common Education Choice Myths Debunked

This article was first published on Download this report. With so much one-sided information and politically charged opinion on education out there it can be difficult for people, and most importantly parents, to see through the buzzwords… especially when it comes to school choice, a buzzword of its… Read More
Posted February 23, 2021

Education Scholarship Accounts: Everything You Need to Know About ESAS

This article was first published on Here’s everything you need to know about Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs). Get the facts and hear from parents across The Palmetto State on the need for education choice: Education Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) 101 Learn more about what ESAs are…and why… Read More
Posted February 16, 2021

Dr. Shaunette Parker on Lowcountry Forever

Dr. Shaunette Parker joined Lowcountry Forever to talk about a parent’s right to choose the education option that best fits their child’s needs.  … Read More