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Posted March 20, 2014

Common Core: What’s Next

Posted February 2, 2014

School Choice Unites & Empowers

This OpEd  appeared in The Greenville News on February 2, 2014. Liberal Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton. What agenda could possibly unite these political odd couples? Support for the rapidly expanding world of education options. Each of… Read More
Posted January 30, 2014

The Power Of Choice

This article was first published on “Not my son,” Marilyn calmly whispered as she listened to the local news regarding the deterioration of the neighborhood public schools. Though outwardly silent, she made a thunderous inner vow. Her son would acquire an education and break the cycle of housing… Read More
Posted October 26, 2013

Empowering Students: What They’re Saying

This article was first published on Yesterday was an exciting day as Palmetto Policy joined with partners from around the state to launch our new education options resource catalogue for SC parents. Empowering Students celebrates the many forms of education choice in South Carolina and highlights real Palmetto State families… Read More
Posted September 27, 2013

K-12 Reform And The Future Of South Carolina

This article was first published on PPI was honored to have an opportunity to bring Dr. Matt Ladner to testify at a recent South Carolina Senate hearing on the scholarship program. Below is his testimony: I had the opportunity to testify at the South Carolina Senate yesterday in… Read More
Posted June 7, 2013

Innovating SC Education Policy: Why The Need For Change?

This article was first published on Compelling statistics below that reinforce why education transformation is so vital to the economic future of our Palmetto State:Reading is not taught beyond 3rd grade, yet 38% of our state’s 4th graders are functionally illiterate and 72% read below grade level. Read More
Posted May 17, 2013

Education Alert: Universal Pre-K…Spending For Success?

This article was first published on In short, “No.” President Obama’s push for massive federal spending on a universal pre-kindergarten program generated heated opposition over cost, government overreach and the questionable effectiveness of existing programs like Head Start. But now this debate has landed on our front step. Read More
Posted April 10, 2013

Can Poor Kids Learn?

This article was first published on The answer, based on the evidence garnered from Florida’s transformative education reforms is a resounding “Yes!” Demographics are not destiny. No one would deny that there are critical factors of home life – parental education, family structure, poor nutrition and other variables… Read More
Posted April 8, 2013

Empower Education Summit: The Path To Transforming SC’s Future

This article was first published on Education transformation is a topic we are incredibly passionate about. In fact, in 2012, The Palmetto Fort Foundation (the Forum’s precursor) and U.S. Senator Jim DeMint’s office teamed up to host the “Empower Education Reform Summit.” This event, which was keynoted by… Read More
Posted April 6, 2013

We Can Learn a Lot From Florida

This article was first published on South Carolina Radio Network Interview with Superintendent of Education Mick Zais South Carolina’s education superintendent says he wants this state to be more like Florida when it comes to education. During an interview on Charleston affiliate WTMA, Superintendent Mick Zais… Read More